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Studio agagag brings to life one-of-a-kind objects that are characterised by a subversive humour and playfulness that reflects in a symbolic and naive style.

The blankets, pillows, lamps and stools are a collage of the past and the present and draw their inspiration from folkloric traditions, mythical characters and everyday situations. They like to be a companion adding a touch of emotion and wonkiness to our homes.  The objects withdraw themselves from the boundaries of categorisation and can be interpreted as objets to interact with, to look at or to use. Each item is handmade.

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agagag ceramics turn the inanimate matter of clay into friendly roommates, giving you light in the darkness. They are handcrafted and available in small batch numbers.


agagag textiles are collages made of vintage fabrics. These patchworks of signs and symbols tell manifold stories of what once was and what will be.


Tsukumogamis are abandoned, vintage objects transformed into something new. The result can be anything from stools to lamps

The objects of agagag are created by Antonia Gilg, a designer based in Munich, Germany.
Besides creating  the world of agagag, she is working as an accessories designer for sports and fashion brands.

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images: © Hannes Rohrer   / Antonia Gilg



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